Terms and conditions for use of software by Educational Institutions:

  1. That the WEBPRINT is a web based software that we are going to share with multiple users on self managed basis.
  2. That the WEBPRINT is providing separate services like, software, website, tools, events, hardware etc. and each service has separate terms and conditions and the same are applicable to all the users.
  3. That the company will be free to use its space for advertisements and this space along with its income will be the propriety of the company.
  4. That any authorized user can never transfer this software or any other allied services to any other person/institution.
  5. That the user will have to keep the backup of all its data and the WEBPRINT will not be responsible for any loss of data due to any reason.
  6. That the WEBPRINT has complete rights to amend, change, delete or add any feature to make the project more compatible.
  7. That the users are welcome to suggest any new feature and WEBPRINT will do its best to incorporate the same at a proper time.
  8. That WEBPRINT is not liable to share, deliver or show the codes/program or any such thing with any person/institution for any reasons whatsoever may be the case.
  9. That this software and its allied codes, features etc. are sole property of WEBPRINT and it is only its user to share the application for a fixed permitted period and is subject to renewal before the expiry of that period. After the expiry of permitted period, WEBPRINT will not be responsible for providing any type of help, data, backup, information or any other such thing.
  10. That this program will be shared by multiple users/institutes and as such in case of any reason the program/website could not be opened for any external reasons, WEBPRINT will not be responsible for the same.
  11. That the user must renew the service contract 30 days before the expiry of the permitted period to avail uninterrupted services from WEBPRINT failing which WEBPRINT for not be responsible for any lapses whatsoever it may be.
  12.  That if the use of software is not renewed 30days days prior to the expiry date, the user will have to purchase the new software by paying full amount existing at that particular time.
  13. That WEBPRINT will provide all necessary information, support and training through our website only hence will never be liable to send any person to support the user under any condition. All inputs are to be used by self.
  14. That the user will have to feed the necessary data, information or any other features on the program on its own as per the program. WEBPRINT will not be responsible for any such services.
  15. That due to feeding of data by your admin, employee, user the performance of software is affected or damaged, WEBPRINT will not be responsible for the same.
  16. That due to any reason during the license period if the software stops working or becomes corrupt, WEBPRINT will be responsible to repair or replace the new software only two times during the license period. User have to upload all data self. No backup and data will be provided by WEBPRINT. In case, such thing happens beyond two times, the user will have to pay 40% of the actual cost of software.
  17. That the user will have money back guarantee for a period within 7 days from the day the software is installed. However, WEBPRINT will deduct only 25% of the actual cost and will refund the balance amount. However, if the tax has been deposited with the authorities, the same will not be refunded.
  18. All applicable taxes will be extra.
  19. Every year you will have to renew the software by paying 35% of the actual cost. On this amount service charges are chargeable and would be extra.
  20. That the WEBPRINT is only liable for software, website development, tools and events. Any other services provided or negotiated with any of our franchisee/channel partner by the user, WEBPRINT will not be responsible for any lapse or losses.